Quality system
A- Laboratory :

I concrete maintains a modern laboratory equipped with the latest equipment and tools – all compliant to international quality standards this will ensure that all raw materials pass quality control testing in each production stages inside the laboratory . Additionally . During the pouring of concrete at specific sites , We use calibrated equipment and tools which meet quality and safety demands .


We put a premium on self-reliance in procuring the required raw materials. Transportation services are equally important and one of the key elements in business success and growth.
Based on this concept, Cementix endeavors to achieve self-sufficiency by better planning of raw materials supply through the following :

  • .High-quality aggregates. Shaky aggregates for higher construction quality.
  • Chemical additives for concrete from large chemical production
  •  Ensure continuity of supply of cement to our plants though Qassim Cement Factory.
  • The company believes that constantly and permanently calibrating the mixing station,crushing machine and various laboratory equipment is the most important way to maintain the quality of the system and ensure its continuity .
  • Based on that.
  • Both the mixing station and the crushing machine were calibrated from the National Center for Housing and Building Research.
  • The mixing station and crushing machine are externally calibrated every 6 months by an approved organization.
  • The mixing station is calibrated internally at least once a month